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The Definition of - enfeeblement (noun)

    verb (used with object), enfeebled, enfeebling.
    to make feeble; weaken:
    That bout of pneumonia enfeebled him.

Word Example of - enfeeblement

    Example Sentences for enfeeblement

    The mental symptoms are marked by greater facility and enfeeblement, while the paralysis of all the muscles steadily advances.

    The neglected gift was beginning to show signs of decay and enfeeblement.

    If the enfeeblement is due to failure of development or brain damage Senile Insanity.

    Human strength increases with enhancement and decreases with enfeeblement.

    Enfeebled women must therefore hand on enfeeblement to the next generation.

    Long after the political break-up and enfeeblement of the Arabs, this intellectual community of the Arab-speaking world endured.

    His humility, that is, was precisely an example of moral vitality and insight rather than of moral awkwardness and enfeeblement.

    The coagulation may result from compression or from enfeeblement of the circulation.

    Any enfeeblement of the normal and natural instinct of virility would show itself first in morbid aberrations.

    He dared not risk a fight with this young lightning-flash, and again he knew, and more bitterly, the enfeeblement of oncoming age.

Word Origin & History of - enfeeblement

    Word Origin & History

    enfeeble mid-14c., from O.Fr. enfeblir, from en- + feble (see feeble). Related: Enfeebled.

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