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The Definition of - ephemeral (noun)

    lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory:
    the ephemeral joys of childhood.
    lasting but one day:
    an ephemeral flower.
    anything short-lived, as certain insects.

Word Example of - ephemeral

    Example Sentences for ephemeral

    The ambition of Henry V. had finally cost her the long-loyal Guienne, as well as all the ephemeral conquests of his own sword.

    What importance could his actions have, who was an obscure unit in an ephemeral race?

    The name of the family to which they belong, Ephemerid, suggests their ephemeral existence.

    It is a shifting, ephemeral entity not to be fixed or grasped.

    But these were only ephemeral clear spots in our sky, and the cries which accompanied them only grew more bitter and terrible.

    The book is well written, and its fame will be more than ephemeral.

    Such was the state of India when the Company began to take part in the disputes of its ephemeral sovereigns.

    And what are the haughtiest of us, but the ephemeral aristocrats of a summer's day?

    Where to draw the line between the permanent and the ephemeral is a point which each must settle for himself.

    Life is precarious as the fall of a die at best an ephemeral business.

Word Origin & History of - ephemeral

    Word Origin & History

    ephemeral 1630s, from Gk. ephemeros (see ephemera). Related: Ephemerality.