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The Definition of - escapade (noun)

    a reckless adventure or wild prank.
    an escape from confinement or restraint.

Word Example of - escapade

    Example Sentences for escapade

    For this escapade he received the Military Cross—a well-earned reward.

    When, later, he confessed his escapade to his parents, they were almost too shocked for words.

    They talked in low voices, unconsciously playing up to the nature of the escapade.

    The girl made no reply, and her eyes were fixed on this result of her escapade.

    Anyway, the proceeds of his escapade were in his pockets; that was more money than any of the scoffers owned.

    It was a lovely day; we were in the country; it was our escapade.

    What an excellent joke it would be to confess meekly to his escapade, and to be scolded, and then suddenly to reveal himself.

    I wonder if he has been up to any other escapade, and is uneasy about it?

    This escapade shows what condition they are in after three months of hard mountain work.

    She listened with great interest to the account of Hoodie's escapade.

Word Origin & History of - escapade

    Word Origin & History

    escapade 1653, from Fr. "a prank or trick," from Sp. escapada "a prank, flight, an escape," from escapar "to escape," from V.L. *excappare (see escape). Figurative sense (1814) is of "breaking loose" from rules or restraints on behavior.

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