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The Definition of - everlasting (noun)

    lasting forever; eternal:
    everlasting future life.
    lasting or continuing for an indefinitely long time:
    the everlasting hills.
    incessant; constantly recurring:
    He is plagued by everlasting attacks of influenza.
    wearisome; tedious:
    She tired of his everlasting puns.
    eternal duration; eternity:
    What is the span of one life compared with the everlasting?
    the Everlasting, God.
    any of various plants that retain their shape or color when dried, as certain composite plants of the genera Helichrysum, Gnaphalium, and Helipterum.

Word Example of - everlasting

    Example Sentences for everlasting

    Now his people come for judgment, And they are in substance spirits, Born to everlasting being.p.

    But, he did not mean a literal fire, did he, when He spoke of everlasting punishment?

    "Let us hope that the Everlasting arms received him," said Mr. Lacy.

    And he who understands feels that it is necessary to do everlasting work!

    You know what that will mean—your political ruin, your everlasting disgrace.

    Take us into the everlasting arms of Love while we go to sleep.

    I tell you the schooner is fixed—as fixed as the damned in everlasting fire.

    These two everlasting Covenants are conditional, and in the future.

    They are happy in the enjoyment of an everlasting peace, which their poverty and want of towns secure to them.

    But here, with the everlasting hills as a foundation, was a home that had been and should be.

Word Origin & History of - everlasting

    Word Origin & History

    everlasting mid-14c., from ever + lasting. Related: Everlastingly.