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The Definition of - every now and then (adv)

    being one of a group or series taken collectively; each:
    We go there every day.
    all possible; the greatest possible degree of:
    every prospect of success.
    every bit, in every respect; completely:
    This is every bit as good as she says it is.
    every now and then, on occasion; from time to time:
    She bakes her own bread every now and then.
    Also, every once in a while, every so often.
    every other, every second; every alternate:
    milk deliveries every other day.
    every which way, in all directions; in disorganized fashion:
    I brushed against the table, and the cards fell every which way.

Word Example of - every now and then

    Word Example of every-now-and-then

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Word Origin & History of - every now and then

    Word Origin & History of every-now-and-then

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