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The Definition of - exemption (noun)

    the circumstances of a taxpayer, as age or number of dependents, that allow him or her to make certain deductions from taxable income.
    the act of exempting.
    the state of being exempted; immunity.

Word Example of - exemption

    Example Sentences for exemption

    Now, as a prefect, he was exempt, and he appreciated his exemption.

    The letters of Khammurabi often deal with claims to exemption.

    As regards customs duties, International Law does not claim the exemption of envoys therefrom.

    Where exemption cannot honestly be pleaded, the command in all its force is binding.

    Two things are specified—physical health, and exemption from calamity.

    I never gave a thought to sneaking an exemption until it was put in my head.

    It has been supposed, from the special mention of the exemption of the land of Goshen, that this was a new thing.

    He probably thought that if, after all, you were a German spy, you had earned your exemption.

    Energetic inquisitors, however, conceded very grudgingly this exemption.

    God promises assistance but not exemption to those who love Him.

Word Origin & History of - exemption

    Word Origin & History

    exemption late 14c., from Fr. exemption, from L. exemptionem, noun of action from eximere (see exempt).

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