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The Definition of - expanded (adjective)

    increased in area, bulk, or volume; enlarged:
    an expanded version of a story.
    spread out; extended:
    the expanded frontiers of the Roman Empire.
    Also, extended. Printing. (of type) wider in proportion to its height.
    Compare condensed (def 4).

Word Example of - expanded

    Example Sentences for expanded

    John Gray expanded and brightened in the new atmosphere; he had always been a man of influence among men.

    Bark canoes, light as bubbles, were seen gliding over the still waters, which were there expanded into a beautiful bay.

    Another rose of joy had expanded on the sky; and they stood so, hand in hand, looking up.

    He encamped upon the borders of the expanded stream, and beneath the shade of his roof sought repose upon his mat.

    These points of doctrine will be expanded and illustrated in subsequent pages.

    When the lung is expanded, air rushes in; when it is contracted, the air is expelled.

    The expanded anterior end of the malar is rhomboidal in form, with an external free margin 11 mm.

    And he expanded his nostrils to breathe in the sweet odours of the country which did not reach him.

    Mrs. Darcy expanded still more—could, in fact, have hugged him.

    Free of natural enemies and competition, it had expanded enormously.

Word Origin & History of - expanded

    Word Origin & History

    expand early 15c., "spread out, spread flat," from Anglo-Fr. espaundre, from L. expandere "to spread out," from ex- "out" + pandere "to spread." Sense of "grow larger" first recorded 1640s. Related: Expanded; expanding.