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The Definition of - fabled (adj)

    celebrated in fables:
    a fabled goddess of the wood.
    having no real existence; fictitious:
    a fabled chest of gold.

Word Example of - fabled

    Example Sentences for fabled

    The Mura Mura appear really to answer to the fabled ancestors of the Arunta, but are addressed in prayers.

    No; unless in that land, whither her face is set, she find the fabled Lethean stream.

    A lake watered by innumerable tortuous rills wriggling into it, is well calculated for the fabled abode of the king of the snakes.

    They were fabled as seven sisters, and one lost her place in the sky by marrying a mortal.

    Like the fabled Lacedæmonian boy, Sarah carried the gnawing horror with a fortitude that looked like cheerfulness.

    A kind of celestial beings, which are fabled by the Hindoos.

    His progress was almost as rapid as the growth of the fabled vine of Jack's bean.

    For I may as well let you into the secret; this was not the fabled lake after all.

    Here Hyrieus is fabled to have lived, and here is the scene of the birth of Orion, which Pindar mentions in the dithyrambics.

    One by one she could appraise her own possessions, and those they fabled of her.

Word Origin & History of - fabled

    Word Origin & History

    fabled c.1600, unreal, invented, pp. adj. from fable (v.) to tell tales (late 14c.); see fable. Meaning celebrated in fable is from 1706.