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The Definition of - fabulist (noun)

    a person who invents or relates fables.
    a liar.

Word Example of - fabulist

    Example Sentences for fabulist

    The fabulist had not in him sufficient hypocrisy of which to manufacture the commonplace politeness of society.

    Gay the fabulist is only interesting in a certain sense and to a small extent.

    The born poet still talks that way, he is naturally a fabulist and cannot help himself.

    The fabulist is to create a laugh, but yet, under a merry guise, to convey instruction.

    In 1664 La Fontaine published his first collection of fables, and it gave him immediately the very highest rank as a fabulist.

    That is the fabulist's opinion—Harriet Shelley's is not reported.

    "Ah, I see," said the fabulist with a wink aside for Jeff's benefit.

    We give the last-named piece as a specimen of his work as a fabulist.

    Krylov was a fabulist: a dexterous delineator of animals and a delicate humourist.

    And how many men are women, too, on this point, as said the fabulist.

Word Origin & History of - fabulist

    Word Origin & History

    fabulist 1590s, from Fr. fabuliste, from L. fabula (see fable).