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fairly Meaning in English

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The Definition of - fairly (adv)

    in a fair manner; justly or honestly; impartially.
    moderately; tolerably:
    a fairly heavy rain.
    properly; legitimately:
    a claim fairly made.
    clearly; distinctly:
    fairly seen.
    Chiefly Southern U.S.
    1. actually; completely:
      The wheels fairly spun.
    2. almost; practically:
      He slipped off the roof and fairly broke his neck.
    Obsolete. softly.
    Obsolete. courteously.

Word Example of - fairly

    Example Sentences for fairly

    The crew of the "Liberty" was fairly surprised, and made no resistance.

    I rang the speed-bell as soon as I felt that we were fairly through the cut in the levee.

    The English ship was fairly covered with bits of the flying wreck.

    Any player dropping object must regain it himself and pass it on fairly.

    In this movement he fairly scribbled himself on the air, in red and white.

    As for him, he was fairly on pins and needles to know what it was the janitress wanted.

    The steamer was small and only fairly comfortable; the service was Chinese.

    Peter Rabbit fairly jumped up in the air, he was so excited.

    Yet the movement, when it was made, might fairly be described as rapid.

    She shut the door at once, before he was fairly inside the room, and then he saw her.

Word Origin & History of - fairly

    Word Origin & History

    fairly c.1400, handsomely, from fair + -ly (2). Meaning impartially is from 1670s; somewhat is from 1805; it earlier meant "totally."