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The Definition of - fawning (adjective)

    a young deer, especially an unweaned one.
    a light yellowish-brown color.
    light yellowish-brown.
    verb (used without object)
    (of a doe) to bring forth young.

Word Example of - fawning

    Example Sentences for fawning

    Fawning upon the Lhari that way, yet they're as human as we are!

    His voice had lost its bravado, and had taken on a fawning note.

    "It is only from my wish to serve you, ma'am," said Loveday in her fawning voice.

    From him not a word of praise or fawning sorrow for the dead.

    Watch unseen had pattered up, and was rearing up, jumping and fawning.

    Whenever they gave him food, he showed a sort of fawning animal gratitude.

    I know all this, she replied contemptuously; fawning one day, they tear the next.

    “Certainly, certainly,” the Officer said in a fawning voice.

    Masters are usually willing to fling a few crumbs to their fawning dogs.

    The we says its say, but when fawning sycophancy or vulgar abuse are taken from that say, what remains?

Word Origin & History of - fawning

    Word Origin & History of fawning

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