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fissure Meaning in English

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The Definition of - fissure (noun)

    a narrow opening produced by cleavage or separation of parts.
    cleavage (def 1).
    Anatomy. a natural division or groove in an organ, as in the brain.
    verb (used with object), fissured, fissuring.
    to make fissures in; cleave; split.
    verb (used without object), fissured, fissuring.
    to open in fissures; become split.

Word Example of - fissure

    Example Sentences for fissure

    I stood at the foot of the waterfall, looking up at the fissure from which it issued.

    As well as I was able I crept into the fissure and felt one foot on a piece of iron.

    One of these, the Fissure Spring, is a hundred feet long and from four to ten feet wide.

    He has the cunning of a serpent, and he will escape through some fissure in the rock.

    If it is permitted to remain in the fissure for any time, it hardens, and only great dikes are formed.

    A sand crank is a fissure in the horn of the wall of the foot.

    But the pillar which is built as a filled-up tower is of course liable to fissure in any direction, if its cement give way.

    Up this fissure the water rushes until it is level with the top.

    A long moment and he was back, almost creeping, and whispering as he reached the end of the fissure.

    The least fissure in the latter would have inundated the channel.

Word Origin & History of - fissure

    Word Origin & History

    fissure c.1400, from O.Fr. fissure, from L. fissura "a cleft," from root of findere "to split, cleave," from PIE *bhi-n-d-, from base *bheid- "to split" (cf. Skt. bhinadmi "I cleave," O.H.G.bizzan "to bite," O.E.bita "a piece bitten off,morsel," O.N. beita "tohunt with dogs," beita"pasture, food").