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The Definition of - fragile (adj)

    easily broken, shattered, or damaged; delicate; brittle; frail:
    a fragile ceramic container; a very fragile alliance.
    vulnerably delicate, as in appearance:
    She has a fragile beauty.
    lacking in substance or force; flimsy:
    a fragile excuse.

Word Example of - fragile

    Example Sentences for fragile

    Still she was a slender, fragile little creature, and you saw that the rude winds of life had swept too early over her.

    Again they launched their fragile canoes, and paddled along the placid waters.

    Yet, in the storms of this rude world, how often does it prove a fragile thing.

    Old and fragile as they are, it seems impossible that they can endure what they do.

    It had been so fragile, that even the sound of its breaking was thin and evanescent like a note blown, not struck.

    Fragile things are not injured and stoves and iron are twisted and broken.

    It showed a fragile, pearly ring, almost diaphanous, hanging tilted against spatial blackness and pinpoint stars.

    It sounds something too commercial for so fragile and fleeting a thing as love.

    Life is a delicate and fragile thing when compared to cosmic extremes of temperature and environment in our universe.

    His figure was slight and fragile, and yet his bones were large and strong.

Word Origin & History of - fragile

    Word Origin & History

    fragile 1510s as "liable to sin;" c.1600 as "liable to break;" from Fr. fragile (14c.), from L. fragilis (see fragility).