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The Definition of - grammarian (noun)

    a specialist or expert in grammar.
    a person who claims to establish or is reputed to have established standards of usage in a language.

Word Example of - grammarian

    Example Sentences for grammarian

    He was not merely an astronomer and a geographer, but a poet and grammarian as well.

    But the grammarian was true to one side only of Browning's philosophy of life.

    Crates the grammarian was a native of this place, and Panætius is said to have been his disciple.

    The grammarian, for example, can persuade one and he can persuade many about letters.

    The grammarian was not a hero, and our calmer moments show us that the poem is not a great ode.

    For all might be claimed the funeral honours which Browning claimed for his Grammarian.

    Jinendra may be a name either of the Buddha or of a grammarian.

    This is that wonderful relation which we have given us by this grammarian.

    William Baxter, an English critic and grammarian, died, aged 73.

    This fact relieves the English grammarian from a difficulty.

Word Origin & History of - grammarian

    Word Origin & History of grammarian

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