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The Definition of - granddad (noun)

Word Example of - granddad

    Example Sentences for granddad

    And on the other side there was granddad Lawrence, whose courage no one could possibly question.

    I told her her granddad did, an she could git that or go to work and earn some.

    "It's like touchin' somethin' dead, granddad," said the boy.

    Granddad, how dressed up you look in the shirt that I ironed.

    Granddad, did you kiss Grandmother before you asked her to marry you?

    "Come again, dear granddad," I said, standing at the door to peep after him.

    "As though I would have kept you and Granddad away from your fossils," she laughed.

    I used often to wish that Madame Tomaso had granddad to deal with.

    She had betrayed Sir Luke, and hoped they would seize him and his granddad.

    I've learnt to drive, and Granddad thinks I'm very clever at it.

Word Origin & History of - granddad

    Word Origin & History of granddad

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