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The Definition of - grandparent (noun)

Word Example of - grandparent

    Example Sentences for grandparent

    A child was never absolutely like brother, sister, mother, father or grandparent.

    Do you suppose that you are the only grandparent in the land?

    But our grandparent was puzzled, for she knew with whom she had to deal, and of course saw that money would do nothing.

    The child was not improbably an orphan, seeing that he was in the care of a grandparent.

    Perhaps you have a grandparent who can tell you something of those stirring days.

    "I cannot think of anything terrible enough, Willie," replied the grandparent.

    "But I should like to have Joy stay with us," said Helen, the youngest, to her grandparent.

    Then the grandparent used to tell the man's wife or child to say so and so to the man.

    One child in four will be pure bred black like the grandparent and two out of the four will be hybrid black.

    The eighteenth century, immediate parent of the nineteenth, grandparent of the twentieth, occupies the stage.

Word Origin & History of - grandparent

    Word Origin & History of grandparent

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