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gravel Meaning in English

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The Definition of - gravel (verb)

    small stones and pebbles, or a mixture of these with sand.
    1. multiple small calculi formed in the kidneys.
    2. the disease characterized by such concretions.
    verb (used with object), graveled, graveling or (especially British) gravelled, gravelling.
    to cover with gravel.
    to bring to a standstill from perplexity; puzzle.
    Informal. to be a cause of irritation to.
    Obsolete. to run (a ship) aground, as on a beach.
    harsh and grating:
    a gravel voice.

Word Example of - gravel

    Example Sentences for gravel

    They are composed of clay mixed with gravel, and covered with a wall of amygdaloid.

    The second substance needed in concrete is broken stone or gravel.

    Herds of wives squatted by companies on the gravel, softly chatting.

    They drop this gravel into a big drum which is continually revolving.

    The hills were low and rounded and composed of sand and gravel, covered with grass and sage-brush.

    Or was it the quiver of the coach over the gravel in the road and the swaying of their seat?

    Pick up a handful of gravel and you will be able to find much of it feldspar or other mineral containing some ten per cent.

    She was roused by the scrunch of carriage wheels on the gravel drive.

    That sea is not more red than another sea; but in some place thereof is the gravel red, and therefore men clepen it the Red Sea.

    And so should I,' the Ass replied,'I'm tired of loads of gravel.''

Word Origin & History of - gravel

    Word Origin & History

    gravel c.1300, from O.Fr. gravele, dim. of grave "sand, seashore," from Celt. *gravo- (cf. Welsh gro "coarse gravel," Bret. grouan, Cornish grow "gravel").