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The Definition of - hoax (verb)

    something intended to deceive or defraud:
    The Piltdown man was a scientific hoax.
    verb (used with object)
    to deceive by a hoax; hoodwink.

Word Example of - hoax

    Example Sentences for hoax

    He was running, Fenwick thought, from the fear that there might be no hoax.

    It was a hoax which should have far-reaching results, on a gigantic scale.

    In the end the whole thing was found to be a hoax and to have been organised by the spiritualist's friends.

    But first it may be well to describe briefly the origin of the hoax.

    It may be this is simply a foolish attempt at a hoax, Hilyer.

    Was it a friend or an enemy; and if the latter, might it not just as likely be a hoax as not?

    Why, they would have swallowed a hoax twice as difficult to digest as that which Mlle. Boussignol dished up for them!

    What an odd thing it would be, aunt, if this should be all a hoax!'

    So far our hoax had answered admirably, and Cathy and I retired upstairs after breakfast in fits of delighted laughter.

    I found it in vain to question him, and I suspect it is a hoax.

Word Origin & History of - hoax

    Word Origin & History

    hoax 1796 (v.), 1808 (n.), probably alt. of hocus "conjurer, juggler" (1640), or directly from hocus-pocus.

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