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The Definition of - ice cream (noun)

    a frozen food containing cream or milk and butterfat, sugar, flavoring, and sometimes eggs.

Word Example of - ice cream

    Example Sentences for ice-cream

    There will be fried chicken for dinner and ice-cream—mixed, maybe, chocolate and vanella, and p'raps a streak of strawb'ry.

    Why should one live on rye-bread when one can have cake and ice-cream?

    Boys from other ranches helped serve and carried coffee, cake, and ice-cream.

    Some of 'em have never had but two or three dishes of ice-cream in all their lives.

    He has a dollar; will he go to the theater or buy ten dishes of ice-cream?

    To honor the opening of the new room, we had ice-cream and cake for dessert.

    But you must be tired and heated;—sit down here, and let me give you a good slice of ice-cream.

    Throw the snowballs into the ice-cream freezer and season to taste!

    We can get a small tree, and a bit of a present for each of the boys and girls, with ice-cream and cake, and let it go at that.

    I bet he wouldn't eat a saucer of ice-cream now, if we'd give it to him!

Word Origin & History of - ice cream

    Word Origin & History of - ice-cream

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