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identically Meaning in English

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The Definition of - identically (adverb)

    similar or alike in every way:
    The two cars are identical except for their license plates.
    being the very same; selfsame:
    This is the identical room we stayed in last year.
    agreeing exactly:
    identical opinions.

Word Example of - identically

    Example Sentences for identically

    When the indivisible is present in the divisible, "it is entire in each part," identically and numerically one.

    Identically the same thing is done in the construction of the flying machine.

    Now I have this worthy woman, who sets to work on a different system, but the results are identically the same.

    He has a talent for appearing at identically the right moment.

    Here again the method of training and working, whether the one sex or the other is used, is identically the same.

    Intrinsically the constitution of the mind is identically the same.

    The sheego, at the same instant, was smitten with an identically similar impulse.

    Are they not critically, accurately, and identically the same?

    It is the same bird we get in Britain, and behaves in identically the same way.

    She was so identically the same Sophia that he had left so lately, that he felt reassured.

Word Origin & History of - identically

    Word Origin & History

    identical 1620, as a term in logic, from M.L. identicus "the same," from L.L. identitas "identity," ult. from L. idem "the same" (from id "it, that one") + demonstrative suffix -dem. Replaced M.E. idemptical, from M.L. idemptitas, from L. idem.