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illustrative Meaning in English

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The Definition of - illustrative (adjective)

    serving to illustrate; explanatory:
    illustrative examples.

Word Example of - illustrative

    Example Sentences for illustrative

    This is, as was intended, a plate whose every part is illustrative of the interests of the owner, who was also its designer.

    We instance one of these occasions as illustrative of many others.

    Father Morris sometimes used his illustrative talent to very good purpose in the way of rebuke.

    The result is illustrative of the relation between what we do and how we evaluate what we do.

    Finally, the amorous habits of insects form a series of illustrative chapters.

    The very way in which the church was organised was illustrative of their methods.

    In fact, altogether this chapter must be accepted as illustrative and suggestive, but by no means as exhaustive.

    But this also is an illustrative companion or reinforcement of the GĂ©nie.

    By way of securing a sharp contrast serviceable for illustrative and argumentative purposes, I take an extract from Mr. Darwin.

    A couple of tales shall suffice as illustrative of this superstition.

Word Origin & History of - illustrative

    Word Origin & History of illustrative

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