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The Definition of - impalement (noun)

    verb (used with object), impaled, impaling.
    to fasten, stick, or fix upon a sharpened stake or the like.
    to pierce with a sharpened stake thrust up through the body, as for torture or punishment.
    to fix upon, or pierce through with, anything pointed.
    to make helpless as if pierced through.
    Archaic. to enclose with or as if with pales or stakes; fence in; hem in.
    1. to marshal (two coats of arms, as the family arms of a husband and wife) on an escutcheon party per pale.
    2. (of a coat of arms) to be combined with (another coat of arms) in this way.

Word Example of - impalement

    Example Sentences for impalement

    The methods of marshalling are dimidiation, impalement, quartering, superimposition.

    Chiefest of all, the impalement of the old Raimondi on Marta's knife.

    He resented the confinement of the dinner-table, the impalement of the ball-room, the imprisonment of the pew.

    Kniaz Dimitri Shaferov expiated his real or imputed crimes by a slow death by impalement.

    Hoping this amount of impalement will be satisfactory, I go on to something else.

    To be found there was death—were I the highest in the nation—death by impalement, or some other form of lingering torment.

    Then the king in a rage, supposing he had concealed his son, had him put to death by impalement as a thief.

    It is a bold creature—often beats off the lion, or kills him by impalement on its long bayonet-like horns.

    But impalement as we now know it was preceded by dimidiation.

    Follow me close; you might lose yourself in this pleasant labyrinth, and it is death, my friend—by impalement too!

Word Origin & History of - impalement

    Word Origin & History

    impale 1530, "to enclose with stakes, fence in," from M.L. impalare "to push onto a stake," from L. in- "in" + pallus "pole." Sense of "pierce with a pointed stake" as torture or punishment first recorded 1613.

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