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imperishable Meaning in English

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The Definition of - imperishable (adj)

    not subject to decay; indestructible; enduring.

Word Example of - imperishable

    Example Sentences for imperishable

    This form is imperishable, though each be unlike every other.

    What we have often felt but vaguely, he utters for us in imperishable forms.

    Only this supreme medicament can make the body undecaying and imperishable.

    I ask you to accept again the expression of my imperishable gratitude.

    We have heard of the imperishable labours of an Elliott and a Brainard, in other days.

    He is imperishable; he is the soul of the world; the soul of every individual being.

    His genius, his kindling enthusiasm, his ecstasy of religious devotion, have left an imperishable heritage to art.

    But the vision of the preacher in those who saw it is imperishable.

    Poetry and Nature Mysticism are linked together in an imperishable life so long as man is man and the world is the world.

    To them I will still be here, standing over them, gigantic, imperishable.

Word Origin & History of - imperishable

    Word Origin & History of imperishable

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