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The Definition of - impost (verb)

    a tax; tribute; duty.
    a customs duty.
    Horse Racing. the weight assigned to a horse in a race.
    verb (used with object)
    to determine customs duties on, according to the kind of imports.

Word Example of - impost

    Example Sentences for impost

    The same circumstances will enable it to lay an impost on one-third of our imported articles.

    Mr. Pymme is considered to have been the father of this impost.

    Had the impost produced the sum to which it was calculated, a loan would have been unavoidable.

    Next, an impost was laid on the daily consumption of meal and wine.

    The alcabala, an impost upon all purchases and sales, including even the smallest transactions, was perhaps the most burthensome.

    The impost was not onerous, but it was inconvenient to stop so often.

    Our revenue under the mild system of impost and tonnage continues to be adequate to all the purposes of the Government.

    It is not certainly known in what manner this impost was regulated.

    The impost asked for by Congress was, I have already observed, for the funding of our debts.

    The impost that we pay into the emperor's fisc is not too heavy.

Word Origin & History of - impost

    Word Origin & History of impost

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