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The Definition of - impostor (noun)

    a person who practices deception under an assumed character, identity, or name.

Word Example of - impostor

    Example Sentences for impostor

    Must I thus renounce myself, and see my name stolen by an impostor.

    And, thought the impostor, so would his master—when the time came.

    That he was, to some extent, an impostor, can hardly be doubted.

    I am well acquainted with him, I know him by heart; I have no doubt that he is some impostor.

    Schiaparelli has been called an impostor, and Lowell has come in for his full share of vituperation and innuendo.

    But do not talk of that impostor; I hope he is dead or has left the country.

    Was she waiting her time before calling in the police and exposing him as an impostor?

    I asked, eying the man sternly, for I began to think he was an impostor.

    The old possibility that he might turn out an impostor after all gleamed across his mind.

    He insisted that his nephew is dead, and called me an impostor.

Word Origin & History of - impostor

    Word Origin & History

    impostor 1586, from M.Fr. imposteur, from L.L. impostorem (nom. impostor), agent noun from impostus, collateral form of impositus, pp. of imponere "place upon, impose upon, deceive," from in- "in" + ponere "to put place" (see position). Imposture "act of willfully deceiving others" first recorded 1537.