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imputation Meaning in English

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The Definition of - imputation (noun)

    the act of imputing.
    an attribution, as of fault or crime; accusation.

Word Example of - imputation

    Example Sentences for imputation

    Gipsy had many faults, but she was strictly truthful, and this imputation against her honour rankled sorely.

    I wish to justify myself in your eyes from an imputation that distresses me.'

    Nor was any class of society exempt from the imputation; but the curtain need not be drawn.

    Europe has not escaped the imputation of being the refuge of the lost tribes.

    He could scarcely resist the impulse to resent the imputation that the savage had cast upon him.

    It is an imputation he must repel with abhorrence and wrath.

    Understand, I cast no imputation upon Mr. Vaile for having the contract and for getting the money.

    But Violet was on her feet—the imputation on Captain Martindale had put her on her mettle.

    He is as clear as the pure and spotless intellect, and the imputation of parts to him is the work of mere imagination only.

    She could run too, without incurring the imputation of rudeness and impropriety.

Word Origin & History of - imputation

    Word Origin & History of imputation

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