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The Definition of - incumbency (noun)

    noun, plural incumbencies for 2–5.
    the quality or state of being incumbent.
    the position or term of an incumbent.
    something that is incumbent.
    a duty or obligation:
    my incumbencies as head of the organization.
    Archaic. an incumbent weight or mass.

Word Example of - incumbency

    Example Sentences for incumbency

    During his incumbency he rescued a number of white captives without ransom—a thing before unexampled.

    There was one feature of his incumbency which I must not forget, I mean his church catechising.

    But, nevertheless, this incumbency of Hogglestock was his all in the world.

    Mr. Beardsell was translated to the incumbency of All Saints', and he still holds it.

    He willed it that the first week of his incumbency in his new duties should carry him to Schuylerville.

    In 1841 there served one Mr. Moore, who was reappointed, and in 1842 Edward Waters began an incumbency of two years.

    This “in memoriam” act was done out of affection and not because the incumbency was changing hands.

    Notwithstanding the poverty of his parish, Mr. Isaacs raised as much as 25,000 for various objects during his incumbency.

    In tithes, as in decimals, the denominator does not appear; that is to say, the incumbent rarely lives at his incumbency.

    In the incumbency of the sheriff's office, for example, there has been an interesting alternation in parties since 1875.

Word Origin & History of - incumbency

    Word Origin & History of incumbency

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