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The Definition of - indemnify (verb)

    verb (used with object), indemnified, indemnifying.
    to compensate for damage or loss sustained, expense incurred, etc.
    to guard or secure against anticipated loss; give security against (future damage or liability).

Word Example of - indemnify

    Example Sentences for indemnify

    To indemnify the former owners was impossible in face of the torrent of exorbitant claims that flowed in.

    To indemnify himself he taxes for these, for forces their use.

    Your royal highness has just informed me you kindly wished to indemnify me for my two former visits.

    The moments I have with you, my child, indemnify my soul for the days of dull routine.

    The General, when he hears of misconduct, does all he can to save and indemnify himself, and through him the United States.

    A thousand means were thought of to indemnify me for the time I lost.

    It was much more convenient to live on the supplies of the country, as we should be able to indemnify the loss afterwards.

    Denham has undertaken to indemnify me in any risks I run in procuring him specimens.

    I shall expect (as the country people say in England) that you will make a power of money to indemnify me for your absence.

    Now is the time to indemnify myself for the damage which she has caused me.

Word Origin & History of - indemnify

    Word Origin & History

    indemnify "compensate for loss or expense," 1610s, from L. indemnis "unhurt" (see indemnity).

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