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The Definition of - inexpert (adj)

    not expert; unskilled.

Word Example of - inexpert

    Example Sentences for inexpert

    He was so inexpert with it that he still failed to get a light and he had to be handed a cigarette stump.

    Most of the new hands were inexpert and much given to drink.

    That two men should handle a stone so heavy, even swinging in the scissors, may appear strange to the inexpert.

    "I am as inexpert with the gun as the rod," said I, diffidently.

    But either the horse had been hurt by inexpert riding and couldn't get up, or he was stubborn and wouldn't.

    How could she, inexpert, foresee what was mockingly obvious to hindsight?

    Rose, inexpert though she was, soothed her lover with all the melodies he desired.

    The "fly in amber" has ceased to be a puzzle even to the inexpert.

    If there are any that advocate employing young men as seconds, it should rather be said that their hands are inexpert.

    With inexpert fingers, she set the combination and pulled back the door.

Word Origin & History of - inexpert

    Word Origin & History of inexpert

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