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The Definition of - injury (noun)

    noun, plural injuries.
    harm or damage that is done or sustained:
    to escape without injury.
    a particular form or instance of harm:
    an injury to one's shoulder; an injury to one's pride.
    wrong or injustice done or suffered.
    Law. any wrong or violation of the rights, property, reputation, etc., of another for which legal action to recover damages may be made.
    Obsolete. injurious speech; calumny.

Word Example of - injury

    Example Sentences for injury

    But there has been no mistake,—and there shall be no injury.

    In an hour or so, there would be no visible trace of the injury.

    If the injury be extensive, the best thing the farmer can do is to slaughter the animal.

    Failure in respect to age is considered an injury to the customs of the country.

    The injury that his mind had sustained now assumed an aspect that was serious indeed.

    She has put into my power to arrest a report which I find is circulating to my injury.

    Their mode of retaliating an insult or injury was extraordinary.

    He is broken-hearted for the injury he has done you and your family, and he begs your forgiveness.

    Eight days after the injury an abscess was opened near the tuberosity of the ischium, and the ball was removed from that spot.

    They are harmless people, never attempting to do anyone an injury.

Word Origin & History of - injury

    Word Origin & History

    injury late 14c., from Anglo-Fr. injurie "wrongful action," from L. injuria "wrong, hurt," noun use of fem. of injurius "wrongful, unjust," from in- "not" + jus (gen. juris) "right, law" (see jurist).

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