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The Definition of - insignia (noun)

    noun, formally a plural of, insigne but usually used as a singular with plural, insignia or insignias.
    a badge or distinguishing mark of office or honor:
    a military insignia.
    a distinguishing mark or sign of anything:
    an insignia of mourning.

Word Example of - insignia

    Example Sentences for insignia

    It should be the largest and most magnificent of all the Indian head-dresses, as it is the insignia of chiefdom.

    Still, the insignia within were not those of pinched poverty.

    There are scores of dead horses on the field; choose one without any embroidery or insignia.

    You and I, my friend, will carry their insignia for some days.

    Dal recognized the ship's design and insignia even before the signals came in, and could hardly contain his excitement.

    Their insignia of office, the miter and crosier, are familiar to every one.

    The reader knows that the day of Sadowa brought him the insignia of a general.

    The only Insignia are the Badge and the Ribbon parti-coloured of red and blue.

    Pogner advances to decorate Walther with the insignia of the Mastersingers' Guild.

    A youth, but to manhood grown, and wearing the insignia of a sub-chief.

Word Origin & History of - insignia

    Word Origin & History

    insignia 1648, from L. insignia, neut. pl. of insigne "badge, mark," from in- "in" + signum "mark" (see sign).

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