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The Definition of - instant (noun)

    an infinitesimal or very short space of time; a moment:
    They arrived not an instant too soon.
    the point of time now present or present with reference to some action or event.
    a particular moment:
    at the instant of contact.
    a food or beverage, especially coffee, specially processed for quick preparation.
    Older Use. the present or current month.
    succeeding without any interval of time; prompt; immediate:
    instant relief from a headache.
    pressing or urgent:
    instant need.
    noting a food or beverage requiring a minimal amount of time and effort to prepare, as by heating or the addition of milk or water, before being served or used:
    instant coffee; instant pudding.
    occurring, done, or prepared with a minimal amount of time and effort; produced rapidly and with little preparation:
    an instant book; instant answers; instant history.
    designed to act or produce results quickly or immediately:
    an instant lottery.
    Older Use. of the present month:
    your letter of the 12th instant.
    Abbreviation: inst.
    Compare proximo, ultimo.
    present; current:
    the instant case before the court.

Word Example of - instant

    Example Sentences for instant

    The blow had in an instant crushed all the light out of her life.

    There was excitement on board of the Uncas the instant Clif's cry was heard.

    So Calvin's eye saw in an instant, and he applauded Beza's boldness.

    But her engines were reversed the instant the accident occurred.

    The cock was down, the pan and muzzle were black with the smoke; it had been that instant fired.

    Though the cadet did not know it, that man was at that instant watching him.

    The instant he heard Waverley's voice, he started up and embraced him.

    Where it came from Clif could not tell, but he realized the significance in an instant.

    I had forgotten for an instant,' said she, dropping her head upon her breast.

    For an instant Clif thought of charging the battery—with four men.

Word Origin & History of - instant

    Word Origin & History of instant

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