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investigation Meaning in English

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The Definition of - investigation (noun)

    the act or process of investigating or the condition of being investigated.
    a searching inquiry for ascertaining facts; detailed or careful examination.

Word Example of - investigation

    Example Sentences for investigation

    The cook was pleased with my investigation of the Captain's room.

    The first three days of the investigation were to be devoted to inspecting the dam.

    For an investigation of this also the Academy of Sciences offered their prize.

    With these, then, the investigation for the present subject begins.

    But the investigation of nature is an affair of genius, not of rules.

    It is also a practice of investigation, discovery, and social testing.

    Her position during the investigation at Lady Lundie's house had tried her moral courage only.

    There was some talk of an investigation but nothing came of it.

    About the death of either one Chakra had not felt the slightest apprehension—nor would he even had an investigation arisen.

    On that investigation all Pasteur's subsequent labours were based.

Word Origin & History of - investigation

    Word Origin & History

    investigation 1436, from L. investigationem (nom. investigatio) "a searching into," from investigatus, pp. of investigare, from in- "in" + vestigare "to track, trace," from vestigium "footprint, track" (see vestige). Investigate is c.1510 back-formation.