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The Definition of - item (verb)

    a separate article or particular:
    50 items on the list.
    a separate piece of information or news, as a short piece in a newspaper or broadcast.
    Slang. something suitable for a news paragraph or as a topic of gossip, especially something that is sensational or scandalous:
    The bandleader and the new female singer are an item.
    a word formerly used in communications to represent the letter I.
    an admonition or warning.
    Older Use. an intimation or hint.
    also; likewise (used especially to introduce each article or statement in a list or series).
    verb (used with object), Archaic.
    to set down or enter as an item, or by or in items.
    to make a note of.

Word Example of - item

    Example Sentences for item

    "That is item number one," continued Whiteside, ticking the item off on his fingers.

    In planning a journey, we ought always to include this item in our calculations.

    The tire cost is deducted in figuring the interest charges because this item is covered under running expenses.

    Joyce was prepared to swear to every item of the indictment.

    The weather is charming, which is something in the item of fuel.

    This reduced this item somewhat, as it only amounted to 20 cts.

    Some time after this—hours and minutes do not count in paradise—he remembered the item in the paper.

    The priest did not think that item of evidence so satisfactory as Isel did.

    This, plus its number of days, gives the item for the following month.

    We must brew at home,” she said, easily dismissing that item; “but how shall I do for the rugs?

Word Origin & History of - item

    Word Origin & History

    item late 14c., from L. item (adv.) "likewise, just so," used to introduce a new fact or statement, probably from ita "thus," id "it" + adv. ending -tem (cf. idem "the same"). Thus "a statement or maxim" (of the kind formerly introduced by the word item), first recorded 1560s. Meaning "detail of information" (especially in a newspaper) is from 1819; item "sexually linked unmarried couple" is 1970, probably from notion of being an item in the gossip columns. Noun sense of "an article of any kind" (1570s) developed from earlier adv. sense of "moreover, in addition," which was used before every article a list (such as an inventory or bill). Itemize coined 1864.

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