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The Definition of - naiads (noun)

    noun, plural naiads, naiades
    [ney-uh-deez, nahy-] /ˈneɪ əˌdiz, ˈnaɪ-/ (Show IPA)
    (sometimes initial capital letter) Classical Mythology. any of a class of nymphs presiding over rivers and springs.
    the juvenile form of the dragonfly, damselfly, or mayfly.
    a female swimmer, especially an expert one.
    Botany. a plant of the genus Najas, having narrow leaves and solitary flowers.
    Entomology. an aquatic nymph.
    a freshwater mussel.

Word Example of - naiads

    Word Example of naiads

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Word Origin & History of - naiads

    Word Origin & History of naiads

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