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The Definition of - probing (adj)

    verb (used with object), probed, probing.
    to search into or examine thoroughly; question closely:
    to probe one's conscience.
    to examine or explore with a probe.
    verb (used without object), probed, probing.
    to examine or explore with or as if with a probe.
    the act of probing.
    a slender surgical instrument for exploring the depth or direction of a wound, sinus, or the like.
    an investigation, especially by a legislative committee, of suspected illegal activity.
    Aerospace. space probe.
    a projecting, pipelike device on a receiving aircraft used to make connection with and receive fuel from a tanker aircraft during refueling in flight.
    a device, attached by cord to an oven, that can be inserted into roasts or other food so that the oven shuts off when the desired internal temperature of the food is reached.
    Biology. any identifiable substance that is used to detect, isolate, or identify another substance, as a labeled strand of DNA that hybridizes with its complementary RNA or a monoclonal antibody that combines with a specific protein.

Word Example of - probing

    Word Example of probing

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Word Origin & History of - probing

    Word Origin & History of probing

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