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The Definition of - recall (noun)

    verb (used with object)
    to bring back from memory; recollect; remember:
    Can you recall what she said?
    to call back; summon to return:
    The army recalled many veterans.
    to bring (one's thoughts, attention, etc.) back to matters previously considered:
    He recalled his mind from pleasant daydreams to the dull task at hand.
    International Law. to summon back and withdraw the office from (a diplomat).
    to revoke or withdraw:
    to recall a promise.
    to revive.
    an act of recalling.
    recollection; remembrance.
    the act or possibility of revoking something.
    the removal or the right of removal of a public official from office by a vote of the people taken upon petition of a specified number of the qualified electors.
    Also called callback. a summons by a manufacturer or other agency for the return of goods or a product already shipped to market or sold to consumers but discovered to be defective, contaminated, unsafe, or the like.
    a signal made by a vessel to recall one of its boats.
    a signal displayed to direct a racing yacht to sail across the starting line again.

Word Example of - recall

    Word Example of recall

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Word Origin & History of - recall

    Word Origin & History of recall

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