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The Definition of - stake (noun)

    a stick or post pointed at one end for driving into the ground as a boundary mark, part of a fence, support for a plant, etc.
    a post to which a person is bound for execution, usually by burning.
    the stake, the punishment of death by burning:
    Joan of Arc was sentenced to the stake.
    one of a number of vertical posts fitting into sockets or staples on the edge of the platform of a truck or other vehicle, as to retain the load.
    Mormon Church. a division of ecclesiastical territory, consisting of a number of wards presided over by a president and two counselors.
    sett (def 2).
    verb (used with object), staked, staking.
    to mark with or as if with stakes (often followed by off or out):
    We staked out the boundaries of the garden.
    to possess, claim, or reserve a share of (land, profit, glory, etc.) as if by marking or bounding with stakes (usually followed by out or off):
    I'm staking out ten percent of the profit for myself.
    to separate or close off by a barrier of stakes.
    to support with a stake or stakes, as a plant:
    to stake tomato vines.
    to tether or secure to a stake, as an animal:
    They staked the goat in the back yard.
    to fasten with a stake or stakes.
    Verb phrases
    stake out,
    1. to keep (a suspect) under police surveillance.
    2. to appoint (a police officer) to maintain constant watch over a suspect or place.
    pull up stakes, Informal. to leave one's job, place of residence, etc.; move:
    They pulled up stakes and went to California.

Word Example of - stake

    Word Example of stake

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    Word Origin & History of stake

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