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The Definition of - stink (noun)

    verb (used without object), stank or, often stunk; stunk; stinking.
    to emit a strong offensive smell.
    to be offensive to honesty or propriety; to be in extremely bad repute or disfavor.
    Informal. to be disgustingly inferior:
    That book stinks.
    Slang. to have a large quantity of something (usually followed by of or with):
    They stink of money. She stinks with jewelry.
    verb (used with object), stank or, often stunk; stunk; stinking.
    to cause to stink or be otherwise offensive (often followed by up):
    an amateurish performance that really stank up the stage.
    a strong offensive smell; stench.
    Informal. an unpleasant fuss; scandal:
    There was a big stink about his accepting a bribe.
    stinks, (used with a singular verb) British Slang. chemistry as a course of study.
    Verb phrases
    stink out, to repel or drive out by means of a highly offensive smell.

Word Example of - stink

    Word Example of stink

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    Word Origin & History of stink

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