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The Definition of - translation (noun)

    the rendering of something into another language or into one's own from another language.
    a version of such a rendering:
    a new translation of Plato.
    change or conversion to another form, appearance, etc.; transformation:
    a swift translation of thought into action.
    the act or process of translating.
    the state of being translated.
    Mechanics. motion in which all particles of a body move with the same velocity along parallel paths.
    Telegraphy. the retransmitting or forwarding of a message, as by relay.
    1. a function obtained from a given function by adding the same constant to each value of the variable of the given function and moving the graph of the function a constant distance to the right or left.
    2. a transformation in which every point of a geometric figure is moved the same distance in the same direction.
    Genetics. the process by which a messenger RNA molecule specifies the linear sequence of amino acids on a ribosome for protein synthesis.

Word Example of - translation

    Word Example of translation

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Word Origin & History of - translation

    Word Origin & History of translation

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