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The Definition of - vocalization (noun)

    verb (used with object), vocalized, vocalizing.
    to make vocal; utter; articulate; sing.
    to endow with a voice; cause to utter.
    1. to voice.
    2. to change into a vowel (contrasted with consonantalize).
    (of Hebrew, Arabic, and other writing systems that do not usually indicate vowels) to furnish with vowels or vowel points.
    verb (used without object), vocalized, vocalizing.
    to use the voice, as in speech or song.
    to sing without uttering words, especially to warm up the voice, practice vowel sounds, etc., before a performance.
    to sing scales, arpeggios, trills, or the like, usually to a solmization syllable or a vowel sound.
    Phonetics. to become changed into a vowel.

Word Example of - vocalization

    Word Example of vocalization

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Word Origin & History of - vocalization

    Word Origin & History of vocalization

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