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Word Example of - A bombs

Example Sentences for a-bomb

"Well, it has a picture of an A-bomb explosion an it," he agreed.

They'd go up like an A-bomb two minutes after they threw it on.

You know, of course, about the A-bomb, H-bomb and C-bomb because information that they existed had been declassified.

"All right, they could have built an A-bomb," Buhrmann said.

But your A-bomb at zero minus one second looks as harmless as a fallen log.

It wasn't exactly an A-bomb, but the spray hit us a half mile away, and the surface wave swamped us.

"Well, the geeks did have an A-bomb," Themistocles M'zangwe said, at length.

"Well, an A-bomb's a pretty complicated piece of mechanism, even if you have the plans for it," Kent Pickering said.

"Well, it has a picture of an A-bomb explosion on it," he agreed.

Word Origin & History of - A bombs

    Word Origin & History of - A-bombs

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