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"Abloom Meaning"

What is the meaning of Abloom in English? What Abloom means? How do you use the word Abloom? What is another word for Abloom? What is the opposite of Abloom?

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Word Example of - Abloom

Example Sentences for abloom

The shores of the river were very interesting, being high wooded hills which were abloom.

The cliffs are abloom with blossoms of gold, like a garden of woodland flowers.

The purple heather was all abloom along the slopes of the hill-sides.

They come when our daffodils are all abloom, and go when the roses are fading.

Lilacs were abloom in every garden, and buttercups made the fields look yellow.

The place was neglected, but nature had rioted there, and it was all abloom with wild flowers and weeds.

Here is one of these flowers; a century plant it is, watered with precious blood, and abloom in sweet solitude.

A few days later, when we came down to breakfast, there it was abloom, nodding in at the open window.

Her valleys are all abloom with millions of fruit trees, and spring is well advanced.

In winter, abloom with snow flowers or in penciled tracery against the sky, how trustfully it sleeps!

Word Origin & History of - Abloom

    Word Origin & History of Abloom

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The Synonym of - Abloom (adv)

The Definition of - Abloom (adv)

    adverb, adjective
    in bloom; blossoming; flowering.