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"Accession Meaning"

What is the meaning of Accession in English? What Accession means? How do you use the word Accession? What is another word for Accession? What is the opposite of Accession?

Similar Words: accessioning, accessioned, accessional

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Word Example of - Accession

Example Sentences for accession

The three differences relate to power, tenure, and manner of accession.

Cimon, strengthened with the accession of the allies, went as general into Thrace.

Herodotus (3, 89) places this arrangement into satrapies immediately after the accession.

The first formal split occurred after the accession of the Abbasides.

Indeed he zealously promoted it before his accession to the throne.

The accession of Gregory IX., in 1227, changed the aspect of affairs.

The usual ceremony of proclamation and salutation announced the accession of George IV.

Cleonymus was very unwilling to acquiesce in the accession of Areus to the throne.

These were additional to other bonds which Zéndera had posted on his accession to office.

It was about seven years after the accession of Claudius that the event occurred.

Word Origin & History of - Accession


The Definition of - Accession (noun)

    the act of coming into the possession of a right, title, office, etc.:
    accession to the throne.
    an increase by something added:
    an accession of territory.
    something added:
    a list of accessions to the college library.
    Law. addition to property by growth or improvement.
    consent; agreement; approval:
    accession to a demand.
    International Law. formal acceptance of a treaty, international convention, or other agreement between states.
    the act of coming near; approach.
    an attack or onset, as of a disease.
    verb (used with object)
    to make a record of (a book, painting, etc.) in the order of acquisition.
    to acquire (a book, painting, etc.), especially for a permanent collection.