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"Accomplice Meaning"

What is the meaning of Accomplice in English? What Accomplice means? How do you use the word Accomplice? What is another word for Accomplice? What is the opposite of Accomplice?

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Word Example of - Accomplice

Example Sentences for accomplice

His constant run of good fortune was the accomplice of his immorality.

"One of them is; the other is an accomplice after the fact," I replied.

Returning to his seat, the accomplice is called into the room and handed the sheet of paper.

Though Cornwood was only an accomplice after the fact, he was the greater villain of the two.

They were there to arrest him, for killing one of their comrades on the night before, or being an accomplice in the act!

He was very anxious to warn his accomplice, and sought an excuse to steal off.

The impudence of the authorities, to decoy an unsuspecting workingman across the State line, and then arrest him as my accomplice!

The blame of heresy and witchcraft was cast on Joan, and on her king as an accomplice.

We know you—or this other fellow—heard Linda and me discussing it at the field, and we know you used him as an accomplice.

The children's memorial feast—you saw in me a kind of accomplice.

Word Origin & History of - Accomplice

    Word Origin & History

    accomplice late 15c., from O.Fr. complice "a confederate," with a parasitic a- on model of accomplish, etc., or assimilation of indefinite article in phrase a complice, from L.L. complicem (nom. complex) "partner, confederate," from L. complicare "fold together" (see complicate).

The Definition of - Accomplice (noun)

    a person who knowingly helps another in a crime or wrongdoing, often as a subordinate.