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"Accustomed Meaning"

What is the meaning of Accustomed in English? What Accustomed means? How do you use the word Accustomed? What is another word for Accustomed? What is the opposite of Accustomed?

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Word Example of - Accustomed

Example Sentences for accustomed

We Yankee girls are accustomed to taking care of ourselves.'

On the Curb brokers were shouting their wares with their accustomed gusto.

The forms in most cases do not differ greatly from those to which we are accustomed.

But then she was not accustomed to children, possessing, as she often boasted, none of her own.

They looked as if they were accustomed to sleep in the place.

We had to endure this four hours a day, but after a while we got accustomed to it and did not mind.

But he is so accustomed to them; it is all the same to him what those women are, provided they amuse him.

Accustomed as they were to exposure, these hardships must have caused severe suffering.

So she spoke to him, and he looked up like his accustomed self.

He was a tall, fine-looking man, ever moving with that dignity which seems instinctive in one accustomed to command.

Word Origin & History of - Accustomed

    Word Origin & History

    accustomed late 15c., "made customary, habitual," pp. adj. formed from accustom (q.v.).

The Definition of - Accustomed (adjective)

    customary; usual; habitual:
    in their accustomed manner.
    habituated; acclimated (usually followed by to):
    accustomed to staying up late; accustomed to the noise of the subway.