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"Adore Meaning"

What is the meaning of Adore in English? What Adore means? How do you use the word Adore? What is another word for Adore? What is the opposite of Adore?

Similar Words: adores, adorers, adorer, adoree, adored

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Word Example of - Adore

Example Sentences for adore

The gods,” answered Hippias; “for the first command to all men is to adore the gods.

Preach this doctrine to husbands, and the married women will adore thee.

It would be to judge, to admire, to adore that of which we can form no idea.

We lay our hearts before thee evermore– We sing, and we adore!

Great rishis and ancestors await upon Yama, King of the Pitris (fathers), and adore him.

This gentleman was said to adore Lenin, on whom he lectured.

Such a pocket-book never comes to you, O enviable Lotharios, save as tributary keepsakes from the charmers who adore you!

I'd just love to let it all squelch on, and I adore the smell!

He had much cunning and subtlety, as well he might have, if the blood of the god whom Indians adore ran in his veins.

We are transformed into the image of that which we contemplate and adore.

Word Origin & History of - Adore

    Word Origin & History

    adore c.1300, "to pay divine honors to," from O.Fr. aourer "to adore, worship" (10c.), from L. adorare "speak to formally, beseech, ask in prayer," in L.L. "to worship," from ad- "to" + orare "speak formally, pray" (see orator). Meaning "to honor very highly" is attested from 1590s; weakened sense of "to be very fond of" emerged by 1880s.

The Definition of - Adore (verb)

    verb (used with object), adored, adoring.
    to regard with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; honor.
    to pay divine honor to; worship:
    to adore God.
    to like or admire very much:
    I simply adore the way your hair is done!
    verb (used without object), adored, adoring.
    to worship.