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"Affray Meaning"

What is the meaning of Affray in English? What Affray means? How do you use the word Affray? What is another word for Affray? What is the opposite of Affray?

Similar Words: affraying, affrayers, affrayer, affrayed

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Word Example of - Affray

Example Sentences for affray

I remember that the valiant Marino Contarino died in this affray; and, with immortal example, the four brothers Cornaro; alas!

This was by no means a terrifying conclusion to men inured to affray.

Nothing was done, and probably there would not have been any thing done, had I been killed in the affray.

A white man and a colored woman were indicted for an affray.

I have never been at one; and the name suggests nothing but an affray with bayonets.

The affray had burst over the slumbering town like a thunderclap.

Neither Wingrove nor I had an opportunity of taking part in the affray.

That we had some hurt of such an affray goes without saying.

Then some of them, collecting again, held a hurried council, and sent off messengers with the news of this affray.

And then there was their own resentment as to that affray at Scumberg's.

Word Origin & History of - Affray

    Word Origin & History

    affray c.1300, "state of alarm produced by a sudden disturbance," from O.Fr. effrei, esfrei "disturbance, fright," from Gallo-Romance *exfridare, lit. "to take out of peace," from L. ex- "out of" + Frankish *frithu "peace," from P.Gmc. *frithuz "consideration, forbearance," from PIE base *pri- "to be friendly, love" (cf. O.C.S. prijati "to aid, help," Skt. prija- "beloved;" see free). Meaning "breach of the peace, riotous fight in public" is from late 15c. Related verb afrey (early 14c.) survives almost exclusively in its pp., afraid (q.v.).

The Definition of - Affray (noun)

    a public fight; a noisy quarrel; brawl.
    Law. the fighting of two or more persons in a public place.
    verb (used with object)
    Archaic. to frighten.