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"Allege Meaning"

What is the meaning of Allege in English? What Allege means? How do you use the word Allege? What is another word for Allege? What is the opposite of Allege?

Similar Words: allegers, alleger, allegement, allegedly, alleged, allegeable

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Word Example of - Allege

Example Sentences for allege

Witnesses were prohibited to testify as to common rumor unless they could allege reasons and details.

That gave him his opportunity to lie about the toys and allege that he had brought them for her scholars.

If I am a forger or a friend of forgers, as you allege me to be, then I am unworthy to have served in the uniform of France.

Every one of these hypotheses can allege facts in its favor.

After such terrible accusations, it is time to hear what his patron Casaubon can allege in his defence.

But, if I do not ask, they may allege, that my not going is owing to myself.

For I must tell you that, whatever the guide-book may allege about the loftiness of her designs, the music gave her away.

I was deceived: Whatever I might allege, the prohibition remained.

In my own excuse I must allege that she tempted me to do it.

The mere assertion of what he meant to allege must at least delay this hateful marriage.

Word Origin & History of - Allege

    Word Origin & History

    allege c.1300; it has the form of one O.Fr. verb and the meaning of another. The form is Anglo-Fr. aleger, from O.Fr. eslegier "to clear at law," from L. ex- "out of" and litigare "bring suit" (see litigate), but eslegier meant "acquit, clear of charges in a lawsuit." It somehow acquired the meaning of Fr. alléguer, from L. allegare "send for, to bring forth, name, produce in evidence," from ad- "to" + legare "to depute, send" (see legate).

The Definition of - Allege (verb)

    verb (used with object), alleged, alleging.
    to assert without proof.
    to declare with positiveness; affirm; assert:
    to allege a fact.
    to declare before a court or elsewhere, as if under oath.
    to plead in support of; offer as a reason or excuse.
    Archaic. to cite or quote in confirmation.