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What is the meaning of Allegory in English? What Allegory means? How do you use the word Allegory? What is another word for Allegory? What is the opposite of Allegory?

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Word Example of - Allegory

Example Sentences for allegory

This allegory has been a favourite one with many deep and lofty thinkers.

To some it is an allegory, to some a tragedy, to some a parable, and to others a satire.

When "Robinson Crusoe" had attained celebrity, Defoe claimed that it was an allegory of his own life.

Allegory is the description of one object in terms of another.

The allegory is a striking one, and perfectly comprehensible to the student of comparative religion.

I may add that Augustine also uses the allegory quite frequently.

The realities of the Irish wars and of Irish social and political life gave a real subject, gave body and form to the allegory.

This statement, however, must not be taken for a general condemnation of all allegory.

An under-current of thought, a kind of allegory, may be traced in this composition, for the boar to be hunted was the opposition.

The allegory of the raven, invented by the doctors, is well known.

Word Origin & History of - Allegory

    Word Origin & History

    allegory late 14c., from O.Fr. allegorie, from L. allegoria, from Gk. allegoria "figurative language, description of one thing under the image of another," lit. "a speaking about something else," from allos "another, different" (see alias) + agoreuein "speak openly, speak in the assembly," from agora "assembly."

The Definition of - Allegory (noun)

    noun, plural allegories.
    a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms; figurative treatment of one subject under the guise of another.
    a symbolical narrative: the allegory of Piers Plowman.
    emblem (def 3).